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Foundation for Women's Cancer Prize for Outstanding Gynecologic Cancer Researcher

This new Prize for Outstanding Gynecologic Cancer Researcher is a $10,000 prize, awarded to an individual in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions to research improving the care of women with gynecologic cancer. The selected awardees will have made important contributions that improve gynecologic cancer patient care, including the early detection, treatment or prevention of gynecologic cancers. The award will be made to the individual rather than his/her institution.  Individuals can apply for this prize or nominators can propose potential candidates by filling out the application on the following page. The deadline for this application is November 27, 2017.

The Foundation’s Research Grants and Awards Committee will select the awardee. The prize will be announced at the 2018 SGO Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in New Orleans, LA.

Selection Criteria

The applicant must demonstrate they have:

  1. Made important contributions to research improving the care of women with gynecologic cancer. 
  2. Obtained significant independent extramural research funding.
  3. Made significant contributions to literature in the field.
  4. Developed programs that improved women’s health.


All applicants must:  

  1. Demonstrate body of research in gynecologic cancer, and outline, any application to rare gynecologic cancers, if relevant.
  2. Possess an academic appointment in the USA.
  3. Hold either an MD, PhD or equivalent.

Application Process

Applicants must submit:  

  1. The Application detailing their name, date of birth,address, phone, fax, email, university affiliation and academic rank
  2. Their NIH BioSketch / Curriculum Vitae
  3. Abstracts of the applicant’s three (3) most recently published or relevant peer-reviewed papers.
  4. A letter of support or nomination from a senior colleague in the field
  5. A Personal Statement describing their research accomplishments and the impact on either early detection, prevention or therapeutics for women affected by gynecologic cancer, which answers the following questions:
    • How has your research contributed to improving the care of women with gynecologic cancer?
    • What do you consider your greatest achievement, and how has this positively impacted patients and the field of gynecologic cancer?
    • What significant independent extramural research funding have you obtained during your career?
    • What significant contributions have you made to research literature in the field ofgynecologic oncology?
    • Describe how your work has developed specific programs, treatments or protocols which have improved the health of women affected by gynecologic cancer?

How to Apply

  • Submit completed application to by November 27, 2017.
  • All applications must be in English.

Please note:

  • The award will be made to the individual rather than his or her institution.
  • Individuals may apply for the prize, or nominatorsmay propose potential candidates by completing the application.