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Criteria to consider when submitting your application to the Foundation:

  1. The Foundation will accept one (1) application per person per year.
  2. Anyone who receives a grant as a resident or fellow is eligible to apply for another one-time grant in the future.
  3. The Foundation will fund the best project applications, with priority given to young investigators. Young investigators are defined as those individuals who have not been previously funded by the Department of Defense, American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute in this area. Exceptions to these criteria may be made upon approval of the committee.
  4. SGO members (Full, Candidate, and Associate) who apply should be junior investigators, generally Assistant Professor and below. Priority will be given to junior investigators.
  5. Non-members of the SGO may apply with a co-investigator who is an SGO member. The goal of such collaborative applications is to foster collaboration and mentorship of an investigator new to the field. It is important for the applicant to document this relationship.  
  6. Significant overlap with existing funding is not permitted. Applicants should note the existence of pending applications with potential overlap and a plan for how such overlap would be managed if both applications were funded.
  7. Abstracts should be written to allow a reviewer in translational gynecologic research to interpret the aims and methods.
  8. Budget for presentation/publication/travel is not allowed.
  9. The grant can be portable provided a similar research environment is secured. Continued funding will be contingent upon ability to complete the proposed work.
  10. Research being done outside of the United States will not be considered for funding; however, a non-U.S. resident may apply for a grant for research being done at an American institution.
  11. All researchers must first submit a 250-word technical abstract for scientific review. The best abstracts will be invited to submit a full grant proposal, with a 250-word public abstract for donor review and press releases, using non-scientific terms and including the author’s name and institution.
  12. All winners will be asked to present an annual update on their research.

Please Note: Up to three grants may be awarded per institution per research cycle. This number may increase or decrease based on number of research grants being offered during a calendar year and may be modified based on committee discretion.

Additional criteria to consider when submitting your Post-Doctoral Fellowship application to the Foundation:

  • Applicants must be either clinical (Gynecologic Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology) or post-doctoral fellows. Candidates for this grant must have an MD, PhD, MD/PhD, or DO degree
  • Applicants must be working at institutions with well-developed gynecologic cancer programs, in a school of medicine or public health, or a recognized non-profit medical research facility in the United States.
  • Applicants should be involved in either laboratory, clinical or translational research. The researcher mentor who will supervise the grantee should have a track record in cancer research and significant independent cancer research funding.
  • The Foundation for Women’s Cancer Research and Awards Grants committee will consider the strength of the research environment and project proposal, the trainee’s prior academic record, and the likelihood of his/her pursuing a research career dedicated to gynecologic cancer.



  1. A signed electronic application is required.     
  2. As described earlier, the abstract consists of a 250-word technical document for scientific review by the committee. Note that it should be written in a manner to allow a reviewer in translational gynecologic research to interpret the aims and methods. It is mandatory to include the author’s name and institution on the abstract.
  3. An updated CV.
  4. The signed application, CV and abstract should be submitted on or before 12 p.m. Central Daylight Time on Aug. 27, 2018

Research Grant Full Proposal

  1. A copy of the original application that was submitted is required. 
  2. The research grant proposal should include the principal investigator’s first name, last name and credentials in the upper right corner on all pages. The description of the research should be no longer than five (5) typed pages.
  3. The investigator’s bio sketch must be included. The bio sketch should state the total number of publications up to a maximum of 15.
  4. A budget, must be submitted along with a description of any other financial support.
  5. A short paragraph describing institutional support, career goals and how this grant would help the applicant achieve these goals is required with the full grant submission.
  6. No more than three (3) letters of support are invited.
  7. A 250-word public abstract for donor review and press releases, using non-scientific terms, must be included in a Word document.
  8. The Foundation requires an interim report in a Word document of 3 to 6 paragraphs to describe progress to date. The interim report is due Oct. 2019. The final report is due July 2020.
  9. The signed application along with all of the components of the full proposal should submitted on or before 12 p.m. Central Daylight Time on November 26, 2018

Please note:  If any information is missing or directions are not followed appropriately when submitting the abstract, it will be returned with an explanation, provided it is received at least seven (7) days or more prior to the application deadline.  The applicant will then have the opportunity to resubmit the proposal before the deadline of November 26, 2018. If the applicant accepts another grant after submitting a full proposal and prior to notification from the Foundation, please email research@sgo.org to be removed from the list of potential winners.